Assembly Planning

This week I finished up planning the rest of my assemblies. I am only assembling the parts that are the same material to make creating the game easier for the game development team.

I also assembled the cat house shower and the wall with the cat tree. I made those in two separate assemblies since they were different materials. I also didn’t add the dome for the cat tree for this reason.

This is how I plan the layout and what mates to create for my assemblies:

File Conversion and Assembly Simplification

This week I worked on converting all of my files. I converted each individual part from an .SLDPRT to a .STL file. I did not convert any of the assemblies to since it would defeat the purpose of the moving parts. Instead I tried to reassemble static parts to make assembly for the game development team easier.

I took parts that were assembled in either a pattern or were all static and the same material and saved them as a part file instead of an assembly file. For example, in the dog house I saw a reoccurring pattern in the fence but I could not save the whole fence as a part file since the lock needs to move. I made a portion of the fence and assembled it together so that when the team goes to make the game they do not have to assemble each individual piece of the fence.

Here is an example of what I did:

Pickett Fence Hinges

This week I went through and added all of the hinges to the Pickett fences. As you can see the hinges are a bit larger than the fence and need to be adjusted. Since parts adjust automatically and the mates will not be affected by the changes it should be an easy fix.

In order to add all of the hinges I needed to delete the mates that connected each plank. This too up a lot of time since there were about 6 mates to delete per plank. Next week I will fix the hinges and begin to add all of the locks onto the door.

Here are some pictures of my hinges from the front and behind:

Missing Files

When going back through the files I made I found that I was missing a few. My screen and hinges files that I made were missing from my computer. I went through the files in teams and they were not there either so I went through and remade them. I was also missing the door locks for the dog pen as well.

When I opened the dog pen file to see if the locks were still on the doors I was that it had reverted to an older version of the file which was likely the one from the last save and my last blog entry. I began to reassemble everything but it is a pretty tedious task and will take some time.

Picket Fence Assembly

This week I continued to assemble the picket fences for the dog house. I still need to add in the hinges and once I do that I can reassess the gaps in the fences. After that I will begin to add the planks that separate the dogs from each other. I decided to possibly change the design of the dog pens since the ones in the corner would not be able to function properly. Once I figure out the new design I will add it to the assembly.

Here is what my assembly looks like right now:

Dog House Building

This week I built the dog house just like the one in my layout drawing. I added two doggie door openings that are 1 meter in width and height. They are both 4 meters from the wall closest to them. I also created a door opening that is 2.5 meters away from the left wall.

I began assembling the picket fence. I made each panel half a foot away from the last. I also added horizontal panels on the top and bottom also half a foot from the top and bottom.

Next week I am going to continue working on the finishing the assembled picket fences. I will also need to add holes on the lock and on the panels of the fence to attack the lock.

Here is my finished building of the dog house:

Here are the parts of my lock:

Beginnings of the Dog House

This week I finished up the barn by adding a loft to the top of it. Juliana has a ladder that she will let me use to place in the barn to get into the loft.

I then moved on to create the vertical components that are going to be the picket fence. I also began making the dog beds. I have the sides made but I am struggling to make a joint that will allow me to join the pvc pipes in three directions. I believe I just need to change my reference plane and start over.

This is the barn:

This is the prototype of the joint I am trying to make:

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